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Early morning, 11/29

(Open to anyone who wants in, really...)

Bruce Wayne was awake before the sunlight even began to filter through the blinds. He had gotten a few hours' sound sleep after the party, and then awoke to make a brief round of the mansion and make sure all was well. There were one or two cars still parked in the cul-de-sac at the front of the Manor, which came as no surprise - certainly a trustee or two had needed a designated driver.

Better safe than sorry, Bruce had thought. And that very folk saying had led his steps back up to his own room, where he paused in the doorway, quietly, to look over to where Selina Kyle still lay asleep on her side of the bed.

A silent sigh escaped Bruce's lips, and he smiled briefly at the way her hair scattered over the pillows. Then his eyes strayed to the dress draped over the chaise in the corner, and his mind wandered back to the party - and to the reason he'd steered her away from it.

Max Shreck, alive.

It was the sort of thought he wasn't even going to attempt to process properly without a cup of coffee, even if he wasn't tired. Resisting the urge go pad over and kiss Selina's cheek - and therefore risk waking her, Bruce turned back towards the hallway, carefully shutting the door behind him before making his way down to the tiny, narrow stairwell that led into the back of the kitchen. Alfred was either still asleep, or elsewhere, so Bruce took the liberty of turning on the small radio on the counter before he went about the motions of fixing himself a cup of coffee.

Alfred usually had the radio tuned in to a small classical station out of Metropolis, or the news band. This morning, the lively yet somehow droning voice of the morning newscaster issued forth quietly from the speakers.

"... And now,this just in from Gotham Heights. A repair junker from the Gotham Harbor Preservation Project has just called in to 911, regarding what appears to be a dead body found amid the morning's first refuse dredge. Police have no official statement at the moment..."

Instantly, Bruce flipped off both coffeemaker and radio. Pulling a blank recipe card from the wooden box near the spice rack, he picked up a pen from the counter and scribbled off a quick note, depositing it in the clean, empty carafe.

Alfred -
We'll get Dunkin' Donuts. Apologies to Ms. Kyle.
- Bruce & Dick
PS. Call me if either of you want bagels brought back or something.

Formalities out of the way, Bruce retraced his steps quickly and quietly back up to the second floor, hesitating only a moment before knocking on his ward's door. Dick really isn't going to like this ...
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