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Gotham City Police Department - Late Morning - November 29th

Only a little after eleven on a Wednesday morning, and already the bullpen that made up the majority of Gotham's police department was alive with action. One man, a beat cop, was trying to wrestle and uncooperative drunk man into the holding cells in the back. Another, a detective, was yelling almost incomprehensiblly into the telephone on his desk. And so on. And in the middle of it all, having just entered from the already bitterly brittle morning was Alexander Knox, Reporter for the Gotham Globe.

Without a word, he stalked through the fray, pausing only on occasion to pull his press badge out of his close-pulled trenchcoat, or to flash the look of a man would not be detered. And for the most part this worked. People were either too busy with their particular workloads - as had been the case of Lieutenant Bock, who'd shot him a disapproving look as he wandered by - or just completely oblivious to him. After all, Knox did hang around the Police Department a lot, trying to get dirt of some kind or another for a story of his, so the force had taken to ignoring him. He was harmless enough, they had decided, and anything Gordon didn't want him to know, he didn't.

And speaking of Comissioner Gordon, it seemed that that was exactly where Knox was headed. To his office. As his hand fell on the doorknob however, a voice stopped him.

"You can't go in there, Knox."

The reporter turned, frowning, and flashed his press badge to one Renee Montoya and her partner Harvey Bullock, as if it would help somehow. "Gotham's got a right to know what's going on, Miss Montoya."

She rolled her eyes. "Look, if this is about the body we found in the harbor this morning ... "

"No," Knox shook his head. "This is about the future of the city. What's next? Zombies waking up from the cemetaries and terrorizing Gothamites? Vampires taking over Arkham Asylum?"

"You're a few weeks late, Knox," her partner spat around the coffee stirrer he was currently chewing on to sate his urge to light up. "Halloween was last month."

"I'm not talking about Halloween, Lieutenant. I'm talking about the rumors that Max Shreck put in a token appearance at the Wayne Bash a couple of nights back."

Montoya snorted. "Max Shreck's dead."

"Not according to Gossip Gertie," he pointed out. "Not exactly the most reliable source, but she said she saw Commissioner Gordon talking to him. So I figured I'd get the scoop from him."

With that Knox turned back to the door, pushing it open pointedly. And even as his hand fell on the knob again, Montoya was out of her seat. "You can't go in there," she repeated, moving to stop him.

Her partner's hand on her arm stopped her, however. "Let 'em go. It'll be a kick to see what crap he writes outta what Gordon tells him. Or doesn't tell him."

Montoya sighed, flopping back down into her chair, wordlessly. And inside the Comissioner's office, Knox knocked on the already open door before closing said door behind him.

"Good morning, Comissioner Gordon."

(open to lastgoodcop)
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