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Robinson Park - 7:04 PM - December 6th

The last few days had been an exercise in tedium for Ra's al Ghul.

Oh, true, he'd had plenty to do, what with organizing Allie's upcoming employment at Gotham Studios, trying to get the details on both Bruce Wayne and this Batman character, and so on and so forth, but still. Whether a man had seven or seven hundred years of life experience, they still fell victim to cabin fever and to the idea that you were getting no where fast, and currently Ra's was suffering both. After all, with the exception of his newest trainee, none of his projects had been panning out - there was nothing on Bruce or the Batman he could he could honestly believe (clueless billionaire and six foot tall Hell creature, respectively? yeah right) - and he hadn't left the hotel in nearly a week. And these facts, this feeling of running out of options, probably explained why he'd left only one order for his impersonator - do nothing until I return - before hopping into his favorite of the League's cars and taking a spin around the city. Sans the car's usual driver.

His destination he hadn't been certain of, but eventually, somehow, he'd ended up in Robinson Park. The second he had, however, even the car had seemed confining and so, despite the lancelets of icy rain, he'd gotten out. And now, currently, he strolled down the cracked sidewalks that snaked in and out of patches of grass and trees, strangely unburdened by all he'd had his hands in over the last few days.

Well. Wasn't this nice.

(open to anyone - this means you)
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