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Arkham Asylum, 6th December 1995 12:42 pm

A day after getting Edward Nygma released, and Harleen was already looking for the next proverbial Mount Everest to conquer. Sifting through the new inmates however, had provided uninspiring. If it was possible, there was nothing out of the ordinary. The case files she'd reviewed, textbook examples of deranged serial murderers and rapists had crossed her desk and gone back into the hands of Doctor Leland, who'd shaken her head at Harley's dissatisfaction.

"If you haven't made up your mind by this evening, Burton will assign you one of those guys you just rejected, you know."

"I know." she sighed, before getting up out of her office chair, stretching. "Listen, I think I'm gonna get a bite to eat. Leave the files on my desk and then maybe after lunch I can pick the best outta that bad lot."


Ten minutes later, Harley was strolling down the Arkham staff corridor with her newly-bought lunch and the case files tucked under her arm. Instead of eating her lunch in her office however, she stopped at one of the many doors in the corridor and knocked noisily for ten seconds before calling out the name of its occupant.

"Hey, Jon? You in there?" she queried, before taking a sip from her large chocolate milkshake.

(Open to doctorcrane)
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