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Gotham Square - 9:45 am - December 1st

Not even ten in the morning, and already Knox's day was going badly.

Ok, so maybe badly wasn't exactly the word. It wasn't like someone'd called and told him his dog had gotten run over - or something to that effect since it occured to him that he didn't have a dog. But it definitely wasn't his ideal start to a day. Not when he'd stopped over at Globe HQ and found out that there were no real assignments for him - the last one (an electrical fire at some rich schmuck's house or something) had been snatched up just before he'd gotten in. And if that hadn't been irritating enough, someone had come tearing around the corner just as he was heading out, bouncing through a muddy puddle of water near the curb and drenching his trenchcoat in grime. Oh, yeah, and had he mentioned it was raining? Well, it was. Not hard, of course, but it didn't lighten his mood.

Truth be told, actually, the only thing that would make him feel better about the day thus far would be if the Batman dropped out of the sky to give him an exclusive interview. Or if Max Shreck - who he was still convinced was alive and well in the city - magically appeared in front of him. The plausibility of either, however, he severely doubted - no one would believe him if Batman decided to share all, and Shreck? If he was alive, Knox knew Max would be avoiding him.

Maybe hoping for a cup of hot coffee would be better and just as effective. And hey, hot coffee he could do without much fuss - there was a little coffee place down the street just a bit. And maybe he'd think of someone he could talk to or some kind of scoop he could get and the day wouldn't end up being as horrible as it had started.

Buoyed by the idea, the reporter pulled his muddied trenchcoat a little closer for protection against the needles of cold rain that fell and headed in the direction of the coffee shop, eyes on the signs of each shop he passed, not really paying attention to where he was going.

(Open to asgoodasmayor)
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